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About CBD Plumbers Perth

Here at CBD Plumbers Perth, we understand that having a plumbing emergency is unpleasant and needs to be fixed ASAP. To be sure that our repair crews are always nearby, we limit our service area to Perth CBD 6000. Our plumbers and their vans are available for immediate despatch and will get to your anywhere in the CBD fast!

Note: If you can’t get hold of us or we’re busy on a job, we recommend Perth Local Plumbing & Gas.

While it is tempting to advertise a more expansive area of service, we know that if we are too far from our customers, we cannot effectively help them. All of our vehicles have the latest and most commonly used equipment packed on board. Our collection of state-of-the-art equipment includes jetting equipment to clean your drains; CCT cameras, so we are able to show you the condition of your plumbing, and cutting edge gas detecting equipment. Other advantages of using our company include:

  • Our phone service operates 24 hours a day, including holidays
  • The plumbers and technicians rotate “on call” duties, so we are never caught short staffed
  • All of our plumbers are fully licensed and insured



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    Services That We Offer

    The easiest, fastest and most affordable way of finding a quality plumber when you need it most!

    We Understand Your Needs

    We are confident that we will be at your doorstep in a matter of minutes. We only service Perth city and our vans/technicians are on hand to get to you fast.

    At CBD Plumbers Perth, we offer this exclusive guarantee: If our service technicians are not at your door within 60 minutes of the promised time, we will take 10% off of the cost of your project. For your convenience, we also schedule appointments in advance. Conditions apply.

    Plus, all our plumbers are covered by insurance. If there’s a problem, both our company and anyone impacted in your workplace is covered.

    CBD Plumbers Perth
    CBD Plumbers Perth

    We Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

    At CBD Plumbers Perth, we take care of plumbing needs that arise for all sizes of businesses. In our years in business, we cared for the plumbing needs of many high-profile businesses in the Perth city. Additionally, we carried out some major fit outs in the city. We have longstanding contracts for dozens of yearly maintenance jobs, as well as annual inspections.

    Whether you need plumbing work for new construction, or repairs and maintenance on an existing property, we have the knowledge, skill, and personnel to get the job done quickly and correctly.

    Because we know you are busy, our office will create a schedule of required maintenance on the products we repair or install. We will send you a courtesy notification two-weeks prior to the appointment. We are pleased to offer this as a free service to help head off any potential problems and keep your plumbing operating well. Additionally, we conduct RPZD testing and will schedule future required tests at the time of service to allow you to plan for our service call.

    We have the Experience and Expertise to cater for your Plumbing needs

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      Here's some of the work we can do in your home or business:

      What Our Clients Say

      100% Customer Satisfaction

      In addition to being efficient, at CBD Plumbers Perth we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. From our first greeting to our final handshake, we want our customers to feel comfortable. We are fully licensed and insured. Additionally, we are proud members of the Master Plumbers Association. Being a family owned local company gives us the chance to build relationships with our customers, and we take that opportunity seriously. To that end, we do all that we can to assure you that your project is in good hands:

      • All of our service technicians are highly skilled and certified in the plumbing field.
      • Our service technicians will arrive at your home or business neatly dressed in a uniform with identification.
      • We will arrive at the agreed upon time.
      • While at your home or business, we will conduct ourselves in a respectful manner.
      • We will make every effort to eliminate or minimalise and dirt or soiling to your property during the course of our work. We will also remove any debris and clean the areas where we worked.
      • If your project requires more than one day, we will safely secure any of our equipment that remains on your property. Likewise, we will place any cleaning agents, chemicals, or other potentially hazardous materials in a safe location outside of your home or place of business.
      • Our office will create a schedule of maintenance for products that we installed. A system like this ensures all systems are up to par and helps avoid unpleasant surprises. We do not charge you for these checkups. We guarantee all of our work above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty on parts.

      We have the experience and expertise to cater for your plumbing needs

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      We Love Referrals

      We are so confident you will love our work that for every home or business that you refer who uses our services, we will give you a discount next time we see you. Because no two companies are likely to offer the same services at the same price, we here at CBD Plumbers Perth invite you to compare our quotes with those of our competitors. If you have a written quote from a competitor that is lower than the written quote from us, we will beat that price by 10%, guaranteed.

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