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    Zip Boiler and Billy Units

    Having handy access to fresh, clean hot water is essential for homes and places of business. This importance is why we install the most energy efficient devices for heating water in the Perth area.

    Heating water has come quite far from the days of warming up the Billy over a fire. As the water heating industry evolves so do the heating appliances that we rely on every day. We make sure our technicians possess proper certification in all aspects of installation, maintenance, and repair of all types including electric, solar, and gas-powered units.

    We repair all brands of water heating devices, and will not recommend replacing your current unless we are certain that is beyond repair. Because the typical life span of a water heating unit is between 10-15 years, it is likely that you will need to replace one at some point. Our knowledgeable professionals will help you through the process of choosing the right unit for your home or business.

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    When choosing what type of water heating system that you want, it is best to look at the practical aspects of your energy sources. In Western Australia, we have favorable conditions for solar powered water heating units. For example, solar power can save you a considerable amount of money on your energy costs, after the initial investment in solar panels. Having our technicians replace an electric unit with another electric unit is more cost effective than running gas lines to install a gas water heating system. There are various sizes of water heaters, including tankless. Our plumbing experts will help you assess your needs so that you get the best value without sacrificing the amount of hot water you need.

    new billi units perthThe installation process is straightforward and relatively quick, barring unforeseen complications. Normally, we spend about 30-45 minutes removing your previous water heating device. Once we have safely removed the old heater, the job takes around two or three hours. Of course, we will spend the necessary time cleaning any messes as well. At the time of installation, we will set up free scheduled maintenance for your new unit. Our maintenance plan along with the best warranty in the business gives our customers peace of mind.

    Instant water boiling systems, commonly known by the leading brand name Zip Boilers, have brought clean, fresh, hot water into kitchens since the early 1960’s. Our customers frequently praise the convenience of having boiling water at the touch of a button, but the instant boiling system offers more than convenience. As technology advances, improvements make Zip boilers more and more useful. The latest models offer you cold, hot, chilled, boiling, and sparkling filtered water from the same tap. It is hard to imagine a need not met by these devices.

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    We are certified Zip dealers and installation experts, and we have spent decades installing, servicing, and maintaining their instant boiler products. In addition to installing boiling systems, we provide free yearly maintenance checkups that we schedule at the time of installation.

    All of the best water heating systems in the world can only give you water that is as good as the water filter. Many systems come with a filtration system built into the unit. However, if your system has no water filter, we can help you find the one that best meets your needs.

    One of the most important points to look at when choosing a water filter is the NSF certification. The certification will let you know what your filter can remove from your water. An NSF certification of 42 will remove superficial water problems like odor, taste, and color. An NSF of 53 takes health related contaminants like metals, cysts, and pesticides out of your water. Likewise, the Australian government has a rating system for water filters. Filters with the standard AS/NZS4348 protect you from chemical impurities and microbiological agents as well as improving the taste, odor, and color of your water.

    In addition to helping you to choose and then installing your water filtration system, we are also skilled in maintenance as well as repairing all types of water filters. Do not risk your health, call us for a free, no obligation water quality check-up.

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